Locks surround us in every area of our lives. They’ll determine how safe we feel at the end of the day. Your sense of security is determined by how good your locks are. But just like every other mechanical system, locks are bound to fail at one point or another. That is when you need dependable locksmith services that will get your life back to normal. Pro Locksmith Sidney are the company for you in regards to dependability and affordability.

When looking for a locksmith company, there are qualities you will be looking for; you will find them in Pro Locksmith Sidney. These are the endearing qualities of our company that make us stand out among our peers:

  • Experience.
  • Qualification.
  • Affordability.
  • Availability.
  • A good location.
  • Delivery.


When you need to have your locks replaced, or have a malfunctioning lock, you need to get an experienced locksmith to handle your lock needs. This will guarantee that you get your issues resolved in a timely and professional manner. When you get Pro Locksmith Sidney on board, you bring on board a decade’s worth of experience to cater to you.

A Qualified Team

Learning on the job is a commendable thing but it can be costly, especially to you, the client. At Pro Locksmith Sidney, we ensure that your lock needs are met by a qualified and certified locksmith who knows the ins and outs of different lock systems as well as their repair. They are able to offer you fast and reliable service through their expertise.


Good service is always at a price. While you may be prepared to fork over a large amount of money to get good services, the beauty is that we offer our customers the best in services at an affordable rate. We deliver favorable quotes in a fast manner to enable you to come to a conclusion fast. We are on call to guide you should you need to consult further.


Many of the locksmith jobs require immediate attention. At Pro Locksmith Sidney, we are able to reach you in a fast manner and attend to you when you need us. This is through our varied services but specifically through our emergency locksmith service. You can never worry when you have us on speed dial.


When you have a lock emergency you need it fixed as soon as possible. This means that your preferred locksmiths ought to be as close to you as possible. You will find this advantage in our company. Based in Sidney, we are able to respond quickly to your needs. You also have the advantage of having our location should you wish to consult before getting our services.

Assured Delivery

When you take on our services, you are assured of having the services delivered to you in a timely manner. You are also assured of the locksmith services being done in a professional manner, making your locks last longer and serve you better.

Services Offered

We offer a wide array of services to cater to every lock need you have. Our services include:

  • Residential locksmith: We will come and cater to your lock needs in your home. Door locks and cabinet locks are but some of the locks we are able to handle in your home.
  • Commercial locksmith: When you have an office complex or are in a commercial building, the industrial locks used may still need maintenance and replacement from time to time. We offer you this service in a professional manner.
  • Automotive locksmith: You will need this locksmith in the rare event that you lose your keys or your car lock jams. A broken key may also require our services to help you access your car.
  • Emergency locksmith: To cater to you at any point in time, we have an emergency locksmith ready to respond to your call 24/7.
  • Key-cut services: We offer you this service when you need duplicate keys made.
  • Safe: Should you be in a position to require your safe opened, you can get discrete safe opening services from us.
  • Mobile locksmith: We can get you where you need us as long as you have a location on earth. Call us today for our mobile locksmith to get to you, wherever you are.
  • Alarm and security services: We also offer you alarm installation and security services to crown our locksmith services. That makes you secure from all aspects when you take us on.
  • Lock repairs and replacement services: We will cater to your lock repair and replacement needs as they are bound to come. We offer you high quality replacements that will serve you long.


Pro Locksmith Sidney has spread its net far and wide around Sidney in order to cater to your various lock needs. We cover North, Southern and the Sidney CBD. We are also in the Eastern Suburbs, Inner West and Sutherland Shire. Hills District, Chatswood and Strathfield are also covered in our zone.

The Go to Locksmiths

When in need of a safe, fast and reliable locksmith service, you know that Pro Locksmith Sidney are your company of choice. Call us today for a friendly and tailor made service and we will leave you with a great lock and a smile on your face. We are your locksmith of choice.